Friday, 19 October 2012

World Youth Day for Democracy; Reflection 1

As i joined other young developmental minds, from across the world in celebrating the World Youth Day for Democracy (18th October), i call on young people to contribute their quota to the sustainability of democracy - which have come to stay in Nigeria.

With youths constituting over 60% of the Nigerian population, it is neccessary for us to make good use of one of our major resurces - ideas. Through positive ideas, let's unite to make Nigeria's democratic process and system a model for emmulation. A fact we must admit is that the older generation can not create it alone. Let's join hands, synegize towards building integrity conscious systems.

It was opined - from my discussion with some young minds today - that corruption has been an impediment to we having quality dividends of democracy. As true as that may sound, i am optimistic, and propose a solution. The solution is as clear and right; it is DOING the RIGHT things.

As young people, we should be disciplined, and determined to ALWAYS do what is right. When everyone does what we know is right, and make positive civic participation in our communities, cities, states and country, we will be suprised that the next generation will only know the term 'curruption' as a word in the dictionary.

We are to make things work, we will, we are!

Long live democracy in the Federal Republic of Nigeria!

~ADM Nigeria



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