Wednesday, 24 October 2012

DESPLAY Africa (Youth Democracy Academy) Season 8 - Call for Application

I recommend the Youth Democracy Academy - DESPLAY Africa - to all young and emerging leaders and democrats in the African continent.
DESPLAY Africa enjoyed patronage from youth in Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Cameroon and South Africa. This is your turn to join a robust and growing community of young democrats.
What DESPLAY Season 8 Offers:
  • Admission Slots for ONLY 35 young people within Africa (especially from West and Central African Countries).
  • Three (3) Semesters/Workshops of 4 days each in a different state and region of Nigeria.
  • About 30 knowledge based sessions and focus group discussions and activities.
  • Opportunity to challenge and improve your personal leadership influence and impact.
  • Obtain a youth democracy and good governance engagement toolkit (Video and Handbook – FREE)
  • Opportunity to meet and engage with young democrats around the world.
  • 10 day learning visit to an African country practising democracy.
  • Get a chance to run for Office of President of DESPLAY Republic Season 8 among others.
No one completes the DESPLAY Africa program and remains the same.
For more information, click here.

~Aanu Damola Morenikeji (DESPLAY Fellow 2012)



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