Monday, 2 January 2012

Watch out for Joba Olanrewaju; a 14 year old artist

Joba Olanrewaju
 His art was first noticed a long time ago. Unfortunately, like many other, it remained unexployed. Oluwajoba Banabas Olanrewaju, born on Tuesday, 27th May, 1997 in Ibadan, Oyo state - located in the South Western part of Nigeria - is a prodigy meant to be celebrated over time.

The youngster, who is been encouraged by his immediate family seeks a career in creative arts. Apart from improving his prowess in painting and drawing, the young lad also lays his hands on customising materials like clothings, banners, key holders among several other things.

In a chat with Aanu Damola Morenikeji, Joba - as he is fondly called - dreams of a positive future in creative arts. He advises parents to assist in developing technical talents in their wards and enroll them in technical workshops, promoting self sufficiency.

Voters queuing to perform their obligation. 
 Relent not Joba; there lies ahead greater days.



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