Thursday, 1 December 2011

It was lovely meeting Alimi Wasiu

Happy new months esteemed readers.

I was privileged to be one of the guest speaker / facilitator at a Youth self discovery conference, - themed ‘My Identity, My future’ - organized by Somolu division of the Nigerian Red Cross Society.
At that event, I was privileged to meet a young entrepreneur, filled with dreams and visions of a positive future of entrepreneurship in the country – who also was a facilitator at that conference. A graduate of Environmental Botany and Palynology, Alimi Wasiu is the Managing Director of Walim Global Enterprise.

In his address, he discussed a self discovery formula which he called IMAGE. According to him, ‘I.M.A.G.E Stands for Identification, Manifestation, Abandon, Goal setting and Execution. These are the principles, i believed if followed could help you identify who you are (IDENTITY) and what you are trying to do (FUTURE). We cannot be everything but we can be something and my aim is to help you identify a picture of your future so that you can begin to nurture thoughts that would create your desired lifestyle.’

Click here to read the full transcript.



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