Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Nigerian Girl bags PhD at 25!

She's young and imbued with the spirit of excellence. 25-year-old Opeyemi Sodipe set a new record during the 10th convocation of the Babcock University, Ilisan-Remo, Ogun State on Sunday as she became the first graduate of Babcock to bag a PhD at 25.
Miss Sodipe bagged a PhD in Business Information. According to her growing up story, as she narrated, she had a bad academic start. She was a dullard until an incident changed this when she was in JSS3 at King’s International School in Ibadan, Oyo State.
“I cannot describe myself as an average student when I was in primary and junior secondary school. I was a dullard. But this changed when our literature teacher in JSS 3 gave us a test and I failed woefully. The infuriated teacher while distributing our scripts just threw my own at my face and abused me. She called me olodo (an academic non-performer) and I was greatly embarrassed in front of my classmates. I wept till I reached home,” she stated.
On getting home, she told her mother about the ‘insult’ unleashed on her by her teacher. But to her surprised, her mother too scolded her. However, her mum did what a responsible parent should do: “She later encouraged me to buckle up. She said my teacher’s action should be seen as a wake-up call. I took the advice and prayed to God to give me wisdom that night and everything changed when I got to SS1. I always emerged as one of the best in my class till I left the school in 2002,” she said.

Since then, this Ogun State-born lady has not looked back. She gained admission to BU in September 2002 and graduated in 2006 as the best graduating student in her class. Also at the University of Ibadan, while studying for her Master's degree, she emerged the second best graduating student with a score of 69 in 2010. The best graduating student in her class then made 69.9.

Her proud parents - Mr. & Mrs. David and Deborah Sodipe - who accompanied her to the convocation, said that God’s grace, discipline and sacrifice on their part were responsible for their daughter’s feat.



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