Thursday, 5 April 2012

Apply: Activista Nigeria ‘Organising for Change’ Training

Closing date for this application is 9th April 2012.

Click here to download the application form.

The ‘Organising for Change’ Training is an annual training established by ActionAid Activista Nigeria to build a core of young people who are able to inspire, lead and mobilize other young people to take action towards ending poverty in Nigeria and contributing  significantly to the eradication of poverty in the world.
Activista Nigeria recognises the potential in creating change through a combination of the right skills, consciousnesses and creative energy of young people. It seeks to harness this by broadening the skills base for organising, a rights consciousness imbedded in ActionAid’s Human Rights Based Approach (HRBA) to work and a practical approach to coalescing pockets of youth engagement into a broad platform for taking action.

Activista Nigeria sees a great potential in training a higher number of young activists from  ActionAid Local Rights constituency and young people from surrounding movements, social struggles and other environments such as universities or other forums with a potential for mobilising young people through training and education.

This is to facilitate a fusion of methods that embraces ActionAid’s methodologies such as REFLECT inspired by the Paolo Freire philosophy, popular traditional organising and emerging trends inspired by the new dynamic social media platform.

The Activista Nigeria training aligns in a context specific perspective to the Global Change educational approaches and overall strategy of ActionAid.

Purpose of the Training
• Strengthen the work for social change already being carried out by the participants  and their organisations, creating experienced, enthusiastic and confident drivers of
• To build up skills in organising, analysing and communicating to carry out large scale and local campaigns for social change.

• Public Action Learning & co-creation
• Tools based training
• Combination of lectures, reading, peer to peer and work groups

• Activista is a youth based organising platform, to be eligible for this training you must be between ages of 16-30
• You must be able to communicate effectively in written and spoken English
• You must have a local group where you can apply the skills you will learn or be prepared to organise an Activista group in your locality
• You must have good presentation skills and should be able to communicate in the local language of the location where you are based.
• Only Nigerian based applicants are eligible to apply.

NOTE: The training will take place in Nigeria and ActionAid Nigeria will be responsible for transport, accommodation and feeding of selected applicants throughout the training.

Closing date for this application is 9th April 2012.

Click here to download the application form.
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