Monday, 19 September 2011

Meet Fatai Rokeeb; a ten year old ‘engineer’

Rokeeb displaying his engineering skills
Nigeria is blessed with lots of talented and skilled citizens - with youths, teenagers and children constituting a larger percentage - of which, if adequately trained and developed will immensely contribute positively towards the growth and development of the country.
One of such lads is Fatai Rokeeb, a 10 year old mechanical engineering apprentice at a mechanical workshop in South West Nigeria. The young lad today performed what seemed to be ‘a miracle’ on a generating set which mysteriously generated problems.

In a chat with the young engineer, he made it known that he aspires to be an Engineer in the nearest future and work at the engineering department of the biggest and greatest engineering firm of his time.
Imagining what was powering his dream, he confessed that his parents had continually encouraged him to face his education likewise pay full attention at the workshop, telling him that if he can be the best in his workplace (work shop), he will easily get a job after leaving the university with good grades.
Rokeeb at work

Speaking in Yoruba Language, the father – Mr. Muhideen Fatai – who is also a mechanical engineer exposes that his son had been acquiring the knowledge when is was a little above the age of five. ‘After leaving school at 2:00pm, my wife ensures he treats his assignments before coming to meet me at the workshop’ he narrates. ‘Our joy is that he is also serious with his academics and wants to be one of the best engineers in the country’ he concludes.

The young Rokeeb
The future seems bright for the Primary three (3) student of Chidi Memorial Nursery and Primary School, Abeokuta, Ogun State, whose best subject is Mathematics.

There is hope for a better Nigeria if required attention is given to technical education in the country.

Fatai Rokeeb, not the sky shall limit you!



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